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We are online and ready.

Bring an idea to MVP and beyond

We're part of your team. Our goal is to work alongside you in a frictionless capacity to solve business problems and pave the way for measurable results. We don't hide behind emails and standard processes; we're ready to pick up the phone or chat on Slack for the best possible ongoing collaboration.

  • Cross-platform development

    MJWebs approaches application development with an API-centric and microservices mentality. This is the key to more powerful, platform agnostic applications where all functionality is executed securely in the cloud.

  • Hosting for Apps

    Hosting shouldn't be an after-thought. With MJWebs, infrastructure is baked into the underlying code. Your application is hosted and protected by our existing global network of servers with multi-region redundnacy and exceptional performance.

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We sweat the small stuff

We really know how to built applications for scale. Our years of experience in the healthcare and financial sectors have primed us for having attention to detail like no other development agency can.

  • We love metrics

    Almost every possible metric from your application is securely extracted and monitored at all times by our team. Often, we can detect problems before they appear to your users. Our team is here to ensure your app runs flawlessly in production.

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Mature and dependable technology stack

We are proud to utalise some of the most mature popular frameworks and platforms in the world. Our team have intimate, deliberate relationships with each of the partners we use and are active memebers in the open source community.

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Frequently asked questions

How much does app development cost?

The total application development investment can be anywhere from 25k to 250k. We're very open and transparent in pricing of our time and can discuss in detail during a free discovery meeting.

Who owns the IP of the software?

This major detail is determined right at the start of your engagement with MJWebs and depends on a variety of factors such as your revenue model and the nature of your venture funding.

How long does it take to make an app?

We operate on a timeline of fixed goals and milestones using sprints. We encourage our clients to have a flexible approach to overall timeline as sometimes great ideas are not revealed at the start of the project.

Is payment upfront or in stages?

A fixed retainer fee is required each week and milestone payments are required when a goal has been successfully reached and signed off. The weekly retainer payments are added as credit to the final project balance.

Does MJWebs provide any guarantees?

Some warrenties and guarantees are made at a contractual level. But in general, we can't make any promises as to the success of your application. This is why it's so important we spend sufficient time determining overall strategy and ensuring we are a good fit.

What happens after the app is created?

We include a period of post-launch analyis and maintenance in our development plan. This is to account for any bugs we might have missed and the planning of new features for the next release.

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