Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a powerful practice that helps businesses get ahead of the competition online.

Real SEO

Everyone uses search engines today; perhaps to find the nearest café or the best lawyer in town. SEO is highly profitable and can funnel people towards their products and services.

  • Link building

    Our SEO team will regularly build backlinks filled with healthy link juice.

  • Content creation

    We write blog posts, articles, and ebooks for our clients.

logos of big search engines like Yahoo Bing Google Yandex and Bing with a search bar underneath

Tailored analytics

We send humanised, personalised reports to your every month. We also provide you with access to our custom SEO analytics dashboard for you to review progress at any time.

MJWebs' customised SEO Dashboard featuring campaign performance

SEO Report for Humans™

Each month our team write up a 100% personalised report to outline the progress of your SEO compaign. Metrics used in this report are takend directly from the SEO analytics dashboard and translated into plain english.

sample of SEO reports lovingly made by the MJWebs team in plain human English


Help customers find your business

We've put years of SEO experience into the 2 best packages the world has ever seen.

$2,500 /mo

Basic website auditing and consistent backlinks per month.

  • 1 Blog Per Month

  • 1 SEO Optimised Landing Page per Month

  • Local SEO & profile building

  • Website Optimisation

  • 10 Backlinks Per Month

  • Basic Keyword Planning

  • SEO Report for Humans™ (monthly)

  • SEO analytics dashboard

$5,000 /mo

Complete site audit and optimisation with higher backlinks per month.

  • 3 Blog Per Month

  • 3 SEO Optimised Landing Page per Month

  • Local SEO & profile building

  • Website Optimisation

  • 20 Backlinks Per Month

  • In-depth Keyword Planning

  • SEO Report for Humans™ (monthly)

  • SEO analytics dashboard

Simple but effective month-to-month SEO service with a focus on link building and off-page SEO. We can work with websites built outside of MJWebs.

Frequently asked questions

What is SEO in General?

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is about understanding the users’ searching habits both on mobile and desktop. Search engines look at your site’s authority, relevancy, and crawlability as ranking factors. So, if a visitor searches for “web design” into Google, it will filter through trillions of webpages and rank your site based on its trustworthiness and relevance to the search query. Here at MJWebs, our team carefully audits your site, paying attention to details in order to develop a mission-critical and business-specific campaign that best suits your needs. Our team works on the major ranking factors such as link building, content creation, on page SEO and mobile UX to boost your online presence, traffic, rankings and sales conversion.

What Results Can You Guarantee?

SEO takes time - it’s a long-term investment and there’s no definite timeframe on when you can achieve the results. It’s not a one-time thing nor has a magic formula that can lead your site to the shiny heights of search engine results pages (SERPs). SEO strategies are unique and take time, planning, and readjusting to achieve and maintain search rankings, ROI, and overall traffic growth. MJWebs doesn’t provide overnight success to clients. What we guarantee is that you’ll get the best value out of the services you’re paying for and the efforts are reflected on the results.

How does MJWebs do SEO?

MJWebs works diligently to achieve better rankings in the results page, with a goal to bring you closer to the first page of search results. We have a variety of SEO campaigns available and choose the ones that best suit your business. This includes Content-driven SEO campaigns which means we continually add more content to your website, and link building campaigns to boost your rankings.

Do I need Content-driven SEO or Link Building SEO? Or Both?

MJWebs has a team of experts who reviews your site and offers you services that are tailored-fit to your needs. Our team will need to consider all the critical angles before providing you a service, may it be content SEO, link building SEO or both. On the other hand, we also provide on-page SEO services which includes optimising the meta data and content, based on a comprehensive keyword analysis of your business. You see, there’s no cookie-cutter strategy and we see to it that your site receives that attention it needs to achieve better results. Services can range from basic up to high-end packages and each package has different scope of strategies such as site maintenance, link building, content management and more.

Is SEO Right for my Business?

In MOST cases, YES. Now, you might be thinking, why? The competition online is getting tougher by the minute and you need to outsmart your competitors through an effective SEO campaign. It can help your business gain an edge over your competitors, delivering relevant content to users who search for related topics. With better ranking results, your site can attract more audience who will recognize your company is better than the other. However, MJWebs will always be completely honest with you. There are a handful of industries that won’t benefit from SEO. If your business belongs to one of the latter, we will let you know.

Can I Post my Own Content?

Yes. It’s your site after all. Feel free to post your own content and our team is always open to collaborate with you along the process. Sharing of ideas, insights and tips are highly supported by the team. In any event you have your own content to publish, let us know and we’ll optimise it for SEO ASAP!