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MJWebs SERP (Search Engine Results Page) Snippet-Generator allows you to obtain the title and meta description from an existing URL and modify it to improve your website's CTR.

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Frequently asked questions

Why do I need a pixel-based SERP optimiser tool?

It is a common misconception that Google limits meta titles and meta descriptions based on a character count. Google actually measures your metadata by pixel-width and will automatically remove any words or characters beyond a certain limit. Think of it this way, if your meta title has a lot of ‘big’ looking letters like, ‘W’s’ and ‘M’s,’ it will take up more space compared to a meta title that doesn’t.

How does the MJWebs SERP Generator work?

The MJWebs SERP Generator and Optimiser uses a pixel-based method to determine the proper length of metadata and show you a live preview as well. You can use this tool to write perfect meta titles and meta descriptions or analyse the existing metadata of a live webpage by pasting its link on the tool.

What is the difference between a pixel-based SERP optimiser simple character counting?

Most resources will tell you that you need to keep your Meta title under 65 characters and your Meta Description under 155 characters. Although this is not technically wrong, it is not 100% accurate. Metadata with a lot of ‘big’ letters tend to take up more space on the Google search result snippet and will definitely lead to an automatic trimming of your snippet and possibly leaving out vital information. A pixel-based SERP optimizer will help you write metadata in perfect length and even show you a live preview of how it will display on Google.

How do I know if the metadata I wrote is SEO Optimised?

The MJWebs SERP Optimiser shows you a live preview of your metadata text as you type. If your metadata is too long, the bar below the typing field will turn red and the live preview will display trimmed text on the snippet.

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