Managed Networks

We deliver smart, flexible solutions to promote secure connectivity within your business or enterprise.

Managed WiFi

We survey, procure and deploy a high performance WiFi fleet for a fixed monthly cost.

  • Remote Management

    Our team is remotely monitoring your network at all times. We solve connectivity issues before your team or customers even notice.

  • Ongoing Maintenance

    We perform a site visit at regular intervals to ensure that all installed equipment and cabling is in working condition. We typically upgrade hardware every 24 months.

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Managed VPN

A corporate VPN (virtual private network) can empower your team with secure access to the internet and sensitive company resources.

  • SSO Integration

    We can integrate your VPN solution with your identity provider of choice, including Active Directory, JumpCloud, GSuite and Office365.

  • Connect Multiple Sites

    Connect remote offices or cloud storage facilities securely. Provide secure remote access to servers and devices such as printers.

Pritunl a corporate VPN that empowers teama with secure access to the internet and sensitive company resources.

Cloud Surveillance

We provide surveillance to your premises as a service and bill on a monthly basis. We take care of all equipment procurement, maintenance and upgrades.

  • Professional Installation

    We take care of non-destructive installation of cameras and all cabling. We will also install a locked junction box with necessary hardware including 4G backup.

  • Cloud Storage

    All footage is securely streamed into the cloud for up to 90 days or more, depending on your needs. Even in the event of total destruction to your premises, all footage is retrievable.

Unifi G3 Unifi NVR

Remote Desktop / Terminal Server

Providing a terminal server for your team members drastically improves your overall security and capability to handle larger workloads and more intense processing.

  • Insane Performance

    When using an MJWebs managed terminal server, you are leveraging the scalable compute power and network bandwidth of your nearest AWS datacenter.

  • Protect Sensitive Data

    When your team accesses the terminal server, the data is not being stored on their local computer. This keeps all company data safe and sound in your private network.

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We work with awesome vendors

Our relationship with various hardware vendors results in improved order fulfillment speed and getting the best possible pricing.

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